The Emerald Green Series

Emerald Green


Book 1 in The Emerald Green Series (YA Romantic Thriller)

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On a chilly December night in Savannah, Georgia, seventeen-year-old Addie Smith dreams of an alluring young man, too mysteriously handsome to be real. When spring semester commences the following week, at Maple Creek High, a new student, named Tom Sutton, arrives, bearing a striking resemblance to the beautiful stranger from Addie’s dream.

Addie feels inextricably drawn to Tom, and his rare, unwavering resiliency, as the enchanting nature of first love takes hold. But when a cold-blooded criminal returns to Savannah, in pursuit of a long-forgotten possession, Addie must confront the darkest secrets of an elusive, hidden past that threaten to destroy her future.

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What really happened on Prom Night?

Does his death change everything?

Will Tom and Addie’s love survive?

Find out in the highly anticipated sequel.

The Emerald Green Series returns this Spring.

Savannah will never be the same.